A rare Orkney Hooded Chair

A rare Orkney Hooded Chair

Code: S362


W: 62.5cm (24.6")H: 147cm (57.9")D: 46.5cm (18.3")


A rare hooded Orkney chair fitted with a drawer by DM Kirkness of Kirkwall. Kirkness was the most prominent maker of Orkney chairs and this is a rare survivor in original condition of a hooded version with a straw seat and drawer to the base, which according to the his trade card, was his most expensive model. it has all the hall marks of a Kirknesss chair with the use of brass domed coffin screws which he got from an iron monger in  Dundee. He used white pine which he got from a timber merchant in Aberdeen and applied up to five coats of stain. nThe straw came from the more remote islands and the back and hood would have taken about ten days to weave.